Wednesday, March 21, 2012



dalam setiap hari,pasti kita percaya akan sesuatu sehingga kita mampu untuk terus bertahan..

bermula dengan this simple question ::

who we believe with? | siapa kita percaya?

how we believe? | bagaimana kita percaya?

what we believe? | kenapa yang kita percaya?

for what we believe? | untuk apa kita percaya?

believe Someone who can give a answer for us while we loss and confuse..

believe Something that not always can be seen but can be feel..

believe a Source that truth and never lie..

and stand as a Humble believer..^_^

Friday, March 16, 2012

worK hArd..


everyDay i can see how the people surround me work hard in
their strenght,effort,energy and idea..

mereka menggunakan segenap kekuatan..
setiap ruang masa..
seluruh keupayaan..
dan tanpa sungutan..

dalam melihat kesungguhan itu,saya tahu ada sesuatu yang mereka ingin
penuhi dan dicapai...soo,jangan angap kita senang itu kerana usaha sendiri..tapi sedar bahawa semuanya atas titik peluh orang lain juga..^^


Sunday, March 11, 2012

let God handle it..


here we are,March already...
how our plan going..?
is it run smoothly all the time...?

me also have a lotz of plan and not all of it really
go to the way i wanted..hihi..
for sure there will be a hard and difficult time but dont make it
a reason to be a complainer everytime..owk,,

we learn to be patient and calm..that is the best way..
because God never stop to listen the pray in faith..
He just waiting for the best time to suprise us..^__^
believe it!

Haepy suNday..God bless all....^^