Monday, December 16, 2013

I want to...

Dear Lord..

I know You are there..even when I can't see you..I want to believe You are there..
I know that You hear me..everything I say..even I never see how You really will..
When everything go tougher..I want to believe that You are closer..


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I know how its feel....

I know how its feel....
when you saw someone...she/he is the reason for you to smile..
when you trying to seat a little far away because you want watching them silently..
when you try to act cool when she/he is in front you but inside seem like screaming..
when you let your friend talking to she/he just because you want to hear their voice..
when you wanna know all she/he detail but you just see that in Facebook..
when you have their phone number but you never try to contact them..
when you call them with a different form your nickname because you want them to know you..
when you feel happy when their talk with you just for the simple things..
and for everything that you have feel inside after a long time...
you feel sorry for Liking she/he...?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I want to keep it..

I want to keep everything...anything that related to you..
the memory..the smile..the voices..the moments...
can't throw it away..
because a moments with you is part of the my best memory..
I want to keep everything...
means i don't want to forget..
every little thing that we have done..
it remind was great to spent my time with you..
I want to keep everything..event you're not mine..
still i want to keep it

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Have faith in Him..

Some people come into our lives and then quickly go. Others stay for a while then go and they leave footprints on our hearts and we are never ever the same. Broken things can become blessed things if you let God do the mending. If your heart has been broken by someone who you thought was the one or by someone you trusted as a true friend; never lose faith in love, for in the end, God will lead you to the right person. He will lead you to the heart that was meant to love you and the heart that was meant to care and respect you.
God can heal a broken heart, but you need to give Him all the pieces to do so. Whoever is meant to be there, will still be there. God doesn’t give you the people you want, he gives you the people you need.The people to help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to love you, and to make you the person you are truly meant to be. God knows who belongs in your life and who doesn’t, so trust and let go. But most of all trust in God, as he knows the journey you need to take in life, even before you do. Have faith in Him as He alone is the reason why even in pain you smile, in confusion; you understand, in betrayal; you trust, and in fear, you continue to fight.
Remember, there is a purpose for every failed relationship in your life. The purpose isn’t to encourage you to lower your expectations, but to raise your standards!
Be strong enough to let go and be patient enough to wait for what you deserve! He will never take something away from you, without the intentions of replacing it with something far..far..far better. Sometimes beautiful things come into our lives out of nowhere! We can’t always understand them, but we have to trust in them. I’m sure you want to question everything, but sometimes it pays to just have a little faith. With faith and in time He will cross your path with the right person; the person who’s arms will hold you at your weakest times, eyes that will see your beauty at your ugliest, and a heart that will love you at your worst..

*Copy n paste from somewhere..nice word..^_^

Don't keep asking....

As we are called human..
There are hundred and million or even more question we would like to ask God..
why me?
why here?
why now?
why not?
but I think that we should learn to stop keep asking for a perfect explanation..
but believe and keep believe that God know what His doing..

 God bless aLL..

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Letting go and Follow Jesus..

Letting go and follow Him is not an easy thing to do..
Letting go means we letting go something that we like the most.. something that we can't live without because we believe Jesus will always there for us..
and of course it was not an east part to letting go..but let learn together and let Jesus in-charge our whole life..
God bless alL...

Monday, June 24, 2013

Take it Lord..

Take my life and hopefully he devoted to You my Lord
Take my every hour and hopefully my days filled with endless praise
Take my silver and my gold not bear the slightest
Take my cleverness and use every ability for Your will

| Frances Havenge |

Friday, June 14, 2013

I Want To Be Someone For You..

 I want to be someone that love you
 I want to be someone that care about you
♥ I want to be someone that you care about
 I want to be someone that you love
 I want to be someone that miss you
 I want to be someone that you miss every moment
 I want to be someone you always think about
 I want to be someone that understand you
 I want to be someone that you understand
 I want to be someone that know you secret
 I want to be someone that can calm you when you angry
  I want to be someone that important for you
  I want to be someone that you can trust
  I want to be someone that you you always want to be with
  I want to be someone that brighter your day
 Everyday I want to see your smile
♥ Everyday I want to hear your voice
 Everyday I want to text you
 Everyday I want to tell you 'I love you more'
 Everyday I want to let you know even life is tough keep believe everything gonna be OK.
 Everyday I want to be someone that you will be proud of..
♥ I want to be someone that hold your hand knowing that we will always together
♥ I want to be someone that making you smile each day
♥ I want to be your world
♥ I want to be part of you

♥ I want to be some someone that you cant live without

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Im in Love??

I know what is love..
but scared to think I'm in love with someone or something that i should not..
but what I'm supposed to do when it happen.I cant control it..
It come..I feel happy to see him again and again..
and wish for it even more..
wish that he will smiling at me even for a second..

well..Im just tired to be the 'love keeper' of my own..


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The First Love..

Hidup yang sudah sekian lama..
ada waktunya bertanya masih teringat kah pada Cinta Pertama itu..
masihkah cinta itu yang menguasai hati?
Cinta-Nya dinyatakan  pada waktu yang sangat sulit untuk di mengertikan..
kadang pernah terasa penat untuk mengerti dan cuba memahami..
cinta yang tidak terbatas itu..

Cinta pertama itu membuktikan cinta masih boleh dibangun dalam kesakitan yang terdalam..
Cinta pertama itu menunjukkan cinta masih boleh dibangun dalam masa penolakan yang perit..
Cinta pertama itu menunjukkan cinta masih boleh disebarkan pada waktu halangan mendatang..
Cinta pertama itu menunjukkan cinta masih boleh dinyatakan pada waktu ia mustahil untuk ditunjukkan..

Cinta itu mampu mengampuni pada waktu ia sukar untuk melupakan..
Ia mampu mencipta pengharapan pada waktu semua jalan sepertinya tertutup..
Ia mampu menguatkan pada saat kita rasa lemah dan ingin berhenti..

Berharap agar Cinta Pertama itu selalu disedari..
Kekal di hati dan mengawal Jiwa..
Agar hidup ini selalu melangkah dengan Cinta Pertama Yesus..

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Can you call it a Life?

How about....
If you never have a rough day..
If you never cry..
If you never fall..
If you never fail..
If you never say good bye..
If you never feel the hardship..
If you never have a worst moment..
If you never feel sad..
If you never feel complicated..
Can you call it a L.I.F.E ??

BeLieve everything happen to give us a Meaning of Life..^^

Thursday, May 16, 2013

him ??

People always have their dream couple..maybe like a fairy tale..but Im not waiting for the perfect person..but  do believe there will be the right person^^

Couple thing is not just about someone that you can text every time..someone that you can call when you need someone to talk..

It was a relationship with a commitment where you're ready to take the responsible of her/his feeling toward you..

For me.....i want someone that................

when he want you, the first thing that he do is wish and pray..
the first hope is not to get your phone number but wanna see you everyday without being noticed..
he was someone that always smile..
can play a music instruments, guitar is better...hihiii..
can always talk about so many thing..
know more than what i know..
better in maths maybe..coz i'am so 'stupid' in number thing..^^
know to manage his own money..
can take care of himself when he's far from home..
know how to cook..haha...
understand and never stop me to be friend with anybody..
always say Thank You even for a small prove that he is thankful person..
Caring is a must!! is too much..??

but this is what i wish.. i think..i hope..i wait..i pray.. 


it was hard till you can't...

Life is a thing that full of question and it was never end..
Life can get so taught until it was hard for you to breath..
It was getting so hard until you think no one could listen and help you..
It might too hard until no word to describe it..

there will be another day..still another hour..another second..
still we can't stop to continue the life..

when the time is too hard until you think there is nothing can;t be done..

Let come to Jesus..
He not promises to make a magic and your burden is gone..
But He promise a hope..
He promise a peace..
He heal..He guide..He listen to you..
and He never broke He promises..

When the time is too hard until you can't breath..
try to take a deep breath and believe He is there for You..
talk to Him..Jesus never too far until He can't hear you..


God bless aLL....

Sunday, April 28, 2013

A mark..

Sometimes life get to easy..Sometimes it's too hard..
People will cry, smile, sad, laugh, happy, jealous, angry.........

Even sometimes..

unspoken thing make us feel something that last forever..That was 'a mark'..

Everyone have a their heart maybe..Feeling that you never know it was there.. Given or created by someone or something..Sometimes it just happen for a second but last for a year...

A mark..Maybe have hurt you a lot..Killing you inside..or..Created a guiltiness and anger..or..Make you alone..or..Your biggest happiness..or..Your biggest dream..?

Have to start asking myself...Did i leave a good or bad mark in you?

Sunday, April 7, 2013


How Are we tOday?
Still strong enough after facing a rough day even the hard time..
come letz refresh our mind,soul and heart..

Recall : Letz recall and remind how the first love have found me and you..
dOnt let the hard time pushing us down but keep in mine..there a hope for us.^^

Revive : Feel exhausted? Revive our it down and letz keep burning again..
refresh our faith by looking back how faith have bring us to face lotz of thing..want to give up? think again k..

Re-sHine : How bright have we shine until now? letz brighness our shine and show the world the great love in us^^

Come..Letz Put 3R in our liFe^___^

Haepy Sunday..God bless aLL

Friday, March 15, 2013

Ada apa dengan hidup mu??

Hidup yang senang untuk dihidupi yang sangat sukar untuk di mengertikan..
Ia pembelajaran yang tak berkesudahan..
penuh dengan harapan dan mimpi indah
yang membayangi kita untuk terus melangkah dan jangan berhenti..
belajar untuk bersyukur walapupun ketidakpuasan itu timbul..
menangis waktu sukar terjadi dan tidak terjangkakan..
tetap senyum walau hati sedang pedih..
tetap berterima kasih walau hati tidak senang untuk memberi..
ingin menjadi sempurna walau diri penuh dengan kekurangan..
Hidup jangan hanya untuk menghabiskan 24jam yang dibri
banyak misi dalam hidup..
yang kadang dilupakan..
berdiri..dan mahu melangkah terus..
bila pandang masa lalu jangan kekal di situ tapi berganjak darinya..
yang lalu adalah kenangan yang membentuk kita apa di di depan..
Ada apa dengan hidup mu?
tanda tanya yang berterusan tapi tanam kan Percaya..
bahwa hal terindah akan terjadi..
yang terbaik sedang menanti..
yang terhebat menungu mu di depan..!!