Sunday, April 28, 2013

A mark..

Sometimes life get to easy..Sometimes it's too hard..
People will cry, smile, sad, laugh, happy, jealous, angry.........

Even sometimes..

unspoken thing make us feel something that last forever..That was 'a mark'..

Everyone have a their heart maybe..Feeling that you never know it was there.. Given or created by someone or something..Sometimes it just happen for a second but last for a year...

A mark..Maybe have hurt you a lot..Killing you inside..or..Created a guiltiness and anger..or..Make you alone..or..Your biggest happiness..or..Your biggest dream..?

Have to start asking myself...Did i leave a good or bad mark in you?

Sunday, April 7, 2013


How Are we tOday?
Still strong enough after facing a rough day even the hard time..
come letz refresh our mind,soul and heart..

Recall : Letz recall and remind how the first love have found me and you..
dOnt let the hard time pushing us down but keep in mine..there a hope for us.^^

Revive : Feel exhausted? Revive our it down and letz keep burning again..
refresh our faith by looking back how faith have bring us to face lotz of thing..want to give up? think again k..

Re-sHine : How bright have we shine until now? letz brighness our shine and show the world the great love in us^^

Come..Letz Put 3R in our liFe^___^

Haepy Sunday..God bless aLL