Sunday, May 29, 2011

iM cAptiVated..!!

im captivated Your love..

loving me just the way who i am..

love me whether sometimes i make You sad..

love me by guiding me in everything that i do..

love me with all my weaknesses around me..

ajar ku terus terpegun dengan cintaMu Yesus

terpegun dengan kasihMu..

terpegun dengan kebaikkanMU..

terpegun dengan berkatMU..

terpegun dengan rencanaMu..

terpegun dengan perngorbananMu..

...dari sekarang hingga akhir nafas ku..ku percayakan hidupku pada Mu...^_^

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

says goodbYeeee............

sem akhir kali nie...keep dis really the last sem for me? pun makin dekat...ave 7 subject need to be complited diz time..huhuu
its hard to say good bye....hate to says it to everyone here...gonna miss everything and everyone a lotsz..

I never wanted the time to pass by,
i wanted time to stand by,
i wanted the time to be all mine,
cos i never wanted to say Goodbye!

I knew that moment had to come some day,
but i never expected it to be this way!
i wanted wings to fly by,
cos i never wanted to say Goodbye!

I crippled, i sobbed, i cried,
but to understand me no one ever tried.
when i had started living my life,
then only this moment had to arrive.
i wanted some place to hide.
cos i never wanted to say Goodbye!

Now the final day arrived,
i had to leave,but still i tried!
‘try and try until you succeed’ they say,
but in my case it never gave me any way!
i still felt God would surely help me once,and the time would stand by,
but it never happened so,and i…i had to say..Goodbye..!

by > Smriti

Friday, May 20, 2011 you neVer.....

cintailah seseorang seperti kamu tak pernah dilukai..

senyumlah seperti kamu tak pernah dikecewakan..

ketawalah seperti kamu tak pernah disakiti..

bergembiralah seperti kamu tak pernah menangis..

teruskan langkah kamu seperti kamu tak pernah jatuh..

hidupilah hari-hari kamu dengan penuh rasa syukur dan sukacita seperti itu hari terakhir kamu..^_^