Friday, October 24, 2014

..the end..

Why is that so hard to be 
just normal and fine..

without even hurting You..
Making You sad..
Disappointing You..Doing the little stuff truly hurt me cause I hurting You more..

I promise but I broke it..I promise but I forget it..I hope but I change..I pray but...

Would you hold onto me again?
Would you bring me back and remind me more please..
If i ever fall down..
Just stop me and let it be the end..

Monday, September 1, 2014

His Beloved..

When i was a kids..

I would like to know who is God..

I heard that He love good girl

I remind myself to be a His good girl..

When i was teenager

I hear so many voices..

See so many things..

I try hard so hard to remind myself to be His favourite..

Day by day pass..I remind myself to be strong in Him

but..i give more attention on things outside Him

i have put away little by little my love for Him..

Until one day...

every good things had gone..

im alone and scare..nobody even try to care..

it remind me of Him..

His promises..

His Love..

the way that He care for me..

His name is Jesus..

until He slowly came and said

"You are always my beloved child"


Sunday, February 16, 2014


it silent..
it never hurt..
it was giver..
never judge...
it always learn..
it soft...
swallow the pride..
keep the good and bad..
it feel peace..
never hate..
follow the heart..
never lie..
covered with truthfulness..
feel warm inside..
it unbroken..
receive unperfection..