Sunday, February 15, 2015 keeper..

i think i fall in love..
when i see him..
hear him..
listen to him..
its never get enough..
i became a person that want to
..always be there for him..
he seems have answer for everything..
his humbleness make me think..
i love him even more..
more time goes by..
the more want him..the more i think i need him..
but then..
it should not be that way..
then again..
there a sign...that tell me i must stop.
this love i guess i can stop by my own..
i pretend to feel nothing..
when he was in front of me..,..
like he were just someone else..
but deep inside..
i wish he know..
i wish i have so much courage to tell him..
'hey..tell me to stop loving you and i am sorry for loving you'

i remind myself..i am the love keeper..
silently love..silently forgetting..silently deleting
all feeling....

* i can call it hurt but its not painful*