Tuesday, May 24, 2011

says goodbYeeee............

sem akhir kali nie...keep thinking...it dis really the last sem for me?....final pun makin dekat...ave 7 subject need to be complited diz time..huhuu
its hard to say good bye....hate to says it to everyone here...gonna miss everything and everyone a lotsz..

I never wanted the time to pass by,
i wanted time to stand by,
i wanted the time to be all mine,
cos i never wanted to say Goodbye!

I knew that moment had to come some day,
but i never expected it to be this way!
i wanted wings to fly by,
cos i never wanted to say Goodbye!

I crippled, i sobbed, i cried,
but to understand me no one ever tried.
when i had started living my life,
then only this moment had to arrive.
i wanted some place to hide.
cos i never wanted to say Goodbye!

Now the final day arrived,
i had to leave,but still i tried!
‘try and try until you succeed’ they say,
but in my case it never gave me any way!
i still felt God would surely help me once,and the time would stand by,
but it never happened so,and i…i had to say..Goodbye..!

by > Smriti

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