Thursday, May 16, 2013

it was hard till you can't...

Life is a thing that full of question and it was never end..
Life can get so taught until it was hard for you to breath..
It was getting so hard until you think no one could listen and help you..
It might too hard until no word to describe it..

there will be another day..still another hour..another second..
still we can't stop to continue the life..

when the time is too hard until you think there is nothing can;t be done..

Let come to Jesus..
He not promises to make a magic and your burden is gone..
But He promise a hope..
He promise a peace..
He heal..He guide..He listen to you..
and He never broke He promises..

When the time is too hard until you can't breath..
try to take a deep breath and believe He is there for You..
talk to Him..Jesus never too far until He can't hear you..


God bless aLL....

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