Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fight Cancer....!!

especially for all....

cancer is one of disease that most people fear of..

make the strong become weak..

make the face losing a smile..

strong hopes disappear..

all ambitions being leave behind..

see everything as a vanity..

cancer is just a small thing that stay in any
place inside the body but its really hurts..

is cancer truly cruel to us...??

some people got it cause by their parents
have it and some of them is cause by some reason...
cancer might come to us in the time we
careless of our own body....

hey...cancer is just a cancer...it have no power
to make us disappointed to have a life...

hope always there when we believe...
miracle always happen in the time you always trust..
faith will cure it when you never hesitant..

keep fighting it and PRAY...^_^
God oWez got the best ansWer for us...!!

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