Monday, January 23, 2012

Live + Love + Laugh

hola again..

lets talk about 3 L today..
3 thing that everyone should have to have a great moments in life..

LIVE : we know as a human being,we are not immortals to waste some of our time to something that is nothing..Fullfill it with happiness,that you will never regrets for it..Live by doing something that we can proud of and feel a thousand of meaningful..we are the person that in charge our life and make an important decision for a great living..

LOVE : can spread love every seconds in our life..don't have to wait valentine day's to talk about love..rite,,
for me love is every minutes to care,every hour to trust,every day to sincere,every week to faithful,and all of month of happiness..^_^

Laugh : laughing is the best way to create a joy in soul..hihi...not a hard thing to do,share the joke and happy thing then laugh together..

see,what a simple thing...a little thing with a small effort to have marvelous life time...

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