Friday, September 28, 2012

The Truth is...its You..

if there is a time..i want you to know that....

the thing that i would like to do is talking to you...

back to the time that i can hear your voice..

know everything what you are doing..

tell you to have a rest while you sick..

see you each day and your smile can make me happy for a whole day..

just the one time that we get a ride,i feel peacefully and wishing there will be a second time..

texting you in the time i feel i need someone to talk..

when i walk in front you..beside you..behind you..i feel safe..

wish that all your jokes is the truth..

wish i were telling you its true and its not april fool..


after there are no other longer a time i can really see you..text you everyday..hear your voice every week..

now..i'am was You that always here in my Heart....

nitezzz aLL ^____^

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