Thursday, April 9, 2015

At The Cross.

Its never too late..To see what actually behind the cross.

In celebrating Good Friday last week..
We will talk more about Jesus..
remembering Him for what He has done for me and us..

This time..i keep remind myself..
At the cross..

The cross remind me that Jesus has come
down to this earth,
With His deepest humbleness,
to guide us to the truth and lead us to His light,
At the cross He die for me,
At the cross He set me free,
At the cross He show us there is Hope,
At the cross He prove Your love,
At the cross He clear our sin,
At the cross He show us there is hope,
And seeing the cross every single day, 
i want my heart know that the truth behind
the cross is not just about unimaginable 
pain that Jesus feel but how the Unconditional Love in Him at the cross that make me one important reason in His life.

Thank You Jesus for loving all of me.

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