Friday, April 17, 2015

Lfe is always be a Life..

I choose to love Him more..
More and more in this life..
As He first give me more than what I deserve..

I must admit this as long as we live..
We are demanding many things..
Things that we want have, wanna get, wanna own, wanna keep..
Sometimes having all of it is not part of the best moments in life.

I do learn that..
We are becoming more stronger at the time
we didn’t get what we dream the most rather than at the time
we get what we want..

We becoming more mature at the time we learn to
become the giver  at the time we have less rather than the time we have more..

We learn to love more at the time when just few
People appreciate what we do for them..

Most of the time, life is always be a life..
No matter how hard or how  easy it can be..
Love it, Live it and Lets have a Great Ending ^^

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