Thursday, December 1, 2011

December !!

Give Thankz December come again...Christmas is coming to town...start counting 24 days from today..hohoho...

December have two important events for me..Christmas and New Year...and it will be a busy month for many people...for some kids that believe in santa claus..for sure their are busy sending their wish to the santa and hoping their wish is safely delivered..hihi..

but..Jesus hundred time more busy than santa..Jesus work 365 days every year in taking care each one of us..He making sure that moon,sun,star and others thing come out in time..every day with faithful He hear every prayer..He know our wish..and He always know the right time to answer and give..

and us...busy to prepared new shoes,hair,dress and many thing for Christmas..hurm..

hey..LOve is the key of Christmas..prepared our love..share and receive it..and you will never ever need any expensive thing and anything else...

Jesus love us ..soo that we can celebrate this December full of joy...

so...GIve our BIG LOVe for December.....and we will get more than more...^___^

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